LSA 2016 Annual Report

Be Strong and Courageous

2017 LSA Annual Report

In these momentous times, Lutheran Services in America is activating the power of our network and our nationwide presence to solve some of the most complex problems that prevent people from leading healthier and more productive lives. 
The intelligence inherent in our network makes us a vital resource in a time of change. We are developing new solutions that are helping seniors access critical care, creating stronger outcomes for youth aging out of foster care, providing a deeper understanding in the halls of government for what’s at stake for the most vulnerable members of our society when public funding wanes and much, much more. 
Our achievements are due to your generous support. Your investment in Lutheran Services in America allows us to bring together the collective knowledge and experience of our member organizations to achieve results that go beyond what any one organization could achieve on its own.
Even as we look to the future we are reminded that our work is intrinsically linked to our heritage. 500 years ago when Martin Luther set out to reform the Roman Catholic Church he also created a new approach to service—an approach that lives on through our network today. Just as these reforms disrupted the status quo of the day, we are developing the solutions that will create a new tomorrow. 
We thank you for your support of our work to ensure that every person can reach their full potential. 

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