2016 CEO Academy Look Who's Coming

CEO Academy
2016 CEO Academy
January 31-February 3, 2016
Carefree Resort and Conference Center
     Carefree, AZ
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Plan to join your fellow CEOs from the organizations listed below at the 2016 Academy.

Final list of 2016 LSA CEO Academy participants

  • Marion Baldini, CEO, KenCrest (PA)
  • James Barclay, President & CEO, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains (CO)
  • Sam Beals, Chief Executive Officer, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan (MI)
  • Josselyn Bennett, Director, Poverty & Justice, ELCA (IL)
  • Vance Blackfox, Executive Director, Oaks Indian Mission (OK) 
  • Jeffrey Bluhm, Executive Director, Lutherdale (WI) 
  • Rick Bova, CEO, Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries (WI)
  • Angela Bovill, President & CEO, Ascentria Care Alliance (MA)
  • Lawrence Bradshaw, President & CEO, National Lutheran Communities & Services (MD) 
  • Bob Campbell, Executive Director, ZION Development Corporation (IL)
  • Stephanie Chedid, President & CEO, Luther Manor (WI)
  • Amie Clausen, CEO, Good Shepherd Lutheran Community (NE)
  • David Coker, Executive Director, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NE)
  • Ken Daly, CEO, National Association of Corporate Directors (Washington DC)
  • David Duea, President & CEO, Lutheran Community Services Northwest (WA)
  • Luanne Fisher, President & CEO, Liberty Lutheran Services (PA)
  • Pamela Fox, President & CEO, Twin Lakes Community (NC) 
  • Colleen Frankenfield, President & CEO, Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (NJ)
  • Alesia Frerichs, VP Member Engagement, Lutheran Services in America 
  • Kristen Gay, President & CEO, Silver Spring-Martin Luther School (PA)
  • Chris Gehrts, Relationship Manager, Portico Benefit Services (MN)
  • Andrew Genszler, President & CEO, Lutheran Metrpolitan Ministry (OH)
  • Jim Graunke, Executive Director, Solheim Lutheran Home (CA)
  • Ted Goins, President & CEO, Lutheran Services Carolinas (NC)
  • Darrell Gordon, CEO & President, Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center (IN)
  • Eric Gurley, President & CEO, Immanuel (NE)
  • Charlotte Haberaecker, CEO & President, Lutheran Services in America
  • Don Halberg, Business Development,  Mission Investment Fund of ELCA (IL)
  • Linda Hartke, President & CEO, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (MD)
  • Ruth Henrichs, President & CEO, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (NE) 
  • Tania Hernandez-Andersen, VP of Marketing and Communications, Lutheran Services in America
  • Christie Hinrichs, President & CEO Tabitha Health Care Services (NE)
  • Mark Huber, Pastor, Sanctuary Church (MA)
  • Adriene Iverson, President & CEO, Elder Care Alliance (CA)
  • Donald Johnson, Executive Director, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries 
  • Keith Johnson, Executive Director, NovusWay Inc (NC)
  • Michael Killian, President & CEO, Mill Neck Family of Organizations (NY)
  • Dorothy Krans, Director of Recognized Service Organizations, LCMS Office of National Mission (MO)
  • John Kristel, President & CEO, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network (PA)
  • Cyra Lohman, Executive Director, Humanitri (MO) 
  • Rick Marshall, President & CEO, Lutheran Homes Society (IA)
  • Carl McAloose, President & CEO, Luthercare (PA)
  • Daniel McKee, President & CEO Lutheran Community at Telford (PA) 
  • Paul Miles, President & CEO, Wheat Ridge Ministries (IL)
  • Angie Moellering, CEO & President, Lutheran Services of Indiana (IN)
  • Antonio Oftelie, Executive Director, Leadership for a Networked World (MA)
  • Connie Phillips, President & CEO, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest (AZ)
  • Mark Pile, President & CEO, Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries (PA)
  • Arnold Pierson, Business Development,  Mission Investment Fund of ELCA (IL)
  • Carol Roberts, President & CEO, Lutheran Social Services of Northern California (CA)
  • Kim Roque, Director, Member Engagement, Lutheran Services in America 
  • Joy Ryan, President & CEO, Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch (ND)
  • Patricia Savage, President & CEO, Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (PA)
  • Brent Seaks, Executive Director, Badlands Ministries (ND) 
  • Kurt Senske, President & CEO, Upbring (TX) 
  • Janis Sloka, Executive Director, Camp of the Cross Ministries (ND)]
  • Sherone Smith-Sanchez, Chief Operations Officer, Lutheran Social Services of New York (NY)
  • Gene Svebakken, Chief Executive Officer, Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (IL)
  • Julie Swanson, President & CEO, Lutheran Family Services of Virgina (VA)
  • Thomas Syverson, COO and Affordable Housing President, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society (SD)
  • Linda Timmons, President & CEO, Mosaic (NE)
  • Jessica Thomasson, CEO, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (ND)
  • Reier Thompson, President & CEO, Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center (ND)
  • George Trauner, Chief Executive Officer, Bethesda Children's Home (PA)
  • John Twardos, President & CEO, Lutheran Services in Iowa 
  • Jean Warren, Executive Director, Lutheran Community Services (DE)