Culture Round Table and Staff Engagement

2018 LSA Disability Network Winter Meeting
January 31 - February 2, 2018
Safety Harbor Resort and Spa
Safety Harbor, FL

Culture Round Table and Staff Engagement
Wednesday, January 31st, 3-5pm

How do we better engage our employees?

Lutheran Services in Iowa will be hosting a roundtable discussion on culture and staff engagement. This session will give agencies a chance to get ideas of innovative practices that are happening around the country, to share what is going well in their own organizations, and to discuss barriers to staff engagement  This will be a chance to learn from one another.  During the two hours we will have a large group discussion and activity to share experiences during the first hour. The second hour we will do a deeper dive and discuss the questions at  roundtables. We will explore in more detail:  hiring, onboarding, and training best practices; assessing and transforming organizational culture; and recognition, self care, and other retention strategies.

Please take a moment to answer the questions below in preparation for the discussion. We would also encourage you to bring any innovative tools that you have developed to better engage staff. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to cover during this time.

    1. What initiatives around culture have you done in the past 1-2 years?
    2. What successes have you had? Or what has gone well (impacted retention rates)? What has not gone well?
    3. What tools have you implemented/offered to decrease TO? Increase LOS?
    4. Have you held feedback sessions? Engagement surveys? Focus groups? What have the results been? What kinds of questions did you ask? What do staff seem to want? What are we not giving them?
    5. Do you action plan your engagement surveys to improve scores?  How, have you seen improvement?
    6. What are you doing with your millennials? Do you feel the issues are different?
    7. Do you have telecommuters? How do you keep your staff connected? Do you have spaces where staff can come together?
    8. What do you do for recognition?
    9. What are your interviewing/onboarding/orientation strategies?
    10. How do you communicate your culture to internal and external audiences

 Contact Bill Kallestad at with questions.