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Friday, October 10, 2014

2015 CEO Academy

is now open for the 2015 CEO Academy taking place at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa in Safety Harbor, FL from February 1-4, 2015.

Each year, the CEO Academy gathers the chief executives of our Lutheran social ministry organizations from around the country for candid discussions, tangible ideas, take-aways, camaraderie and ongoing reliable support – all wrapped in a trusted environment of faith and mission.

This year's conference theme, Transformational ​Leadership ​– ​Inspiring, ​Motivating ​and ​Succeeding, aims to take a candid ​look ​at ​transformational ​leadership, ​and ​how ​the ​principles ​can ​successfully ​apply ​to ​any ​organization, ​regardless ​of ​size,  mission ​or ​business ​model. ​Case ​studies ​and ​real-life ​examples ​of ​how ​your ​peers ​and ​thought ​leaders ​have ​survived ​and ​thrived ​during ​times ​of ​rapid ​change will ​illustrate ​the ​strategies ​and ​techniques ​leaders ​need ​to ​respond ​to ​challenges ​and ​opportunities ​and ​create ​an ​organizational ​culture ​of ​leadership. ​

Both ​established ​CEOs ​and ​those ​new ​to ​the ​LSA ​network ​will ​find ​great ​value ​in ​the ​sharing, ​learning, ​and ​relationship ​building ​that ​take ​place ​during ​this ​conference, ​all ​wrapped ​in ​the ​context ​of ​our ​shared ​faith. ​We ​look ​forward ​to ​welcoming ​back ​CEOs ​who ​have ​attended ​in ​the ​past, ​as ​we ​celebrate ​the ​strength ​of ​our ​vibrant ​network ​together, ​and ​explore ​ways ​we ​can ​continue ​to ​collaborate ​and ​connect ​in ​meaningful ​ways ​to ​advance ​our ​missions ​and ​help ​us ​grow ​the ​reach ​of ​our ​service.

Make plans to join us February 1-4, 2015 for sharing, learning, building relationships, and strengthening the LSA network.

Members Save $100 When You Register by December 1, 2014!

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