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LSA Advocacy and Policy

At its most basic level, the goal of advocacy is to effect change. The change that LSA hopes to make flows from the very simple and practical question, “How does LSA best love and serve its neighbors?”

Sometimes the answer to that question leads to the creation, improvement or expansion of a health or human service. Sometimes the answer points to the need to change public policy. And sometimes the answer might dare us to think beyond a single program or public policy and seek broader social change.

Advocacy in all these forms is one vital way that LSA and its members can and do live out their call to love and serve their neighbors. When examined collectively, LSA offers an almost unprecedented potential for advocacy:

- Over 300 diverse organizations serving in every state in the U.S. as well as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, in communities ranging from very urban to very rural;

- A system with aggregated annual incomes of over $21 billion, employing over 200,000 people and directly touching the lives of one in 50 Americans every year;

- A range of services and supports that span generations and touch a huge range of human needs and challenges;

- Over 300 organizations, each connected to employees, stakeholders, constituents, clients, donors, congregations and people of influence;

- Over 300 organizations that are deep wells of practical experience and expertise;

- A nationwide network of leaders in social ministry organizations of different political parties and perspectives;

- A multitude of partners and collaborators in Washington, DC and across the country in local communities; and

- A basis in faith that lends trust and credibility.

Engaging in advocacy on public policy issues helps public officials better understand how policies affect their constituents – people and families in need of health care and social services; employers and employees; and people and organizations providing care and services.

For the latest news from LSA's public policy office, please check out our updates on Twitter and see the latest issue of LSA Washington. Other resources for public policy advocacy are also available by clicking on the links in the left sidebar.

For more information about LSA's public policy and advocacy efforts, please contact:

Lindsey Copeland
Director, Advocacy and Public Policy
Phone: 202-499-5832 

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