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Senior Services Community of Practice

The LSA network has an extensive footprint in senior services with two-thirds of our 307 members providing services to seniors ranging from in-home services to retirement housing, rehabilitation, respite care and senior centers. About 20% of the senior residential living units among the top 100 non-profit senior providers in the U.S. are members of LSA making Lutherans the largest faith-based group serving seniors today. 

Senior Services Working Group

Lutheran social ministry works to help seniors live a higher quality, more abundant life through a range of services including:

  • Home and Community based services such as meals, transportation, wellness and senior centers, caregiver support and hospice care
  • Residential Services including affordable housing, assisted living, memory centers and nursing homes
  • Healthcare Services including rehabilitation and home health services
  • Chaplain Services including spiritual care for people of all faiths.  
  • Financial Support so that disadvantaged, low-income seniors can continue to live in their communities

In the Senior Services Community of Practice, LSA is working with members in developing and replicating innovative ways to help seniors stay healthy and living at home while minimizing their time in hospitals. It is reinventing how seniors, particularly vulnerable and low-income seniors, receive services allowing them to age in place and lead abundant lives.

Members of the Post-Acute Care Steering Committee Include: Mark Stutrud (LSS of IL), Larry Bradshaw (National Lutheran Communities and Services), Luanne Fisher (Liberty Lutheran), Mark Pile (Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries), Bob Rundle (SpiriTrust Lutheran), Kent Burgess (St. John’s Lutheran Ministries), Christie Hinrichs (Tabitha Health Care), Eric Gurley (Immanuel), Ted Goins (Lutheran Services Carolinas), John Kristel (Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network), and Vickie Thompson-Sandy and Sam Beals (LSS of MI).

Senior Service Working Groups

LSA is committed to bringing its members together to identify and share best practices, explore innovative service programs, identify/explore various paths for program sustainability and identify potential opportunities for revenue. LSA currently has two active national working groups that are doing just this:

Care Management Working Group:

Lead by Samaritas, this group is focused on exploring how their respective organizations can embrace and implement critical changes across their continuum of care to improve the lives of the seniors they serve each day. Members have come together to share job descriptions, funding models and outcomes and build upon the care management models to get people back to their homes more quickly. After the information exchange in February of 2016, Samaritas provided the group with a program binder that highlighted the extensive work they did internally to make major shifts to improve their quality of services. This group of members are meeting on a regular basis to further explore and implement this model, while continuously sharing resources and tools to make this happen.

Senior Companions Program Working Group:

The Affordable Care Act created new care delivery opportunities that provide many new opportunities for community based organizations to partner with health systems and other providers. Lead by  LSSMN several members are coming together to explore ways to build out this low cost model to provide transportation and companionship to seniors, two of the most critical needs of seniors. Collectively they are exploring new opportunities and payment models to partner with hospital systems and other payers to help supplement the funding and provide additional services. This group is exploring:

Alternative funding and business models for senior companion "like" programs:

  • How the value of the service can be position with hospitals and other payers, to help achieve follow up doctor visit incentive payments and increase customer satisfaction
  • The shift from thinking about the program as of cost per volunteer to cost per patient.
  • Demonstration grants and waiver programs to test the value of the service, including national programs and funding opportunities.

 Ways to add capacity to the program and increase value:

If you are interested in learning more or would like to get involved with either of these working groups, please contact Alesia Frerichs or 202.499.5823 for more information. 

Past Webinars

Webinar: Partnerships to Support Inclusive Coordinated Transportation & Mobility Management (Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 2pm ET) - LSA is proud to support and promote this webinar hosted by the National Center for Mobility Management and ACL Inclusive Coordinated Transportation Partnerships Project, in coooperation with the Federal Transit Administration, and the U.S. Department of HHS, Administration for Community Living (ACL) as well as their Center for Faith-based Neighborhood Partnerships (the Partnership Center). LSA worked to facilitate a partnership between the National Center for Mobility Management and Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota to pilot a mobility management initiative intended to support inclusive coordinated transportation and mobility management. Attendees will:

  • Learn about strategies to reach out to faith-based and community organizations and national initiatives that can support your work;
  • Hear about partnerships that have been established with non-traditional - non-transit organizations such as religious organizations; and 
  • Acquire resources regarding how to develop and sustain relationships.

 Download this webinar here.

Webinar: Lutheran Senior Living: Understanding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 16, 2016 @ 2pm ET) - Did you know that Lutheran Senior Living organizations are the largest not-for-profit affiliation group among the LeadingAge Ziegler 150 listing? Lutheran Senior Living providers are also among the fastest growing groups in the country. Plan to attend this informative and thought-provoking webinar hosted by Ziegler and LSA. The one-hour session will delve into national and Lutheran-specific trends and will highlight providers who are examples of best practices across various areas of growth and innovation.

Brought to you by Ziegler and LSA. Presented by Daniel Hermann, Head of Investment Banking, Ziegler and Lisa McCracken, SVP of Senior Living Research, Ziegler. 

Bringing It All Together: How a Volunteer Companion Program Fits Into Partnerships with Healthcare Providers and Payers  - Learn more about the opportunities to partner with healthcare partners and payers with a volunteer prorgram.

You can download this webinar and hear more about how Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota is highlighting the added value that volunteer programs offer to healthcare providers and payers by providing services such as transportation to medical appointments and companionship with volunteers to reduce readmissions. This webinar is presented by Mark Cullen, Senior Director of Senior Corps programs. Mark shares the business case and value proposition that he is sharing with health care providers to establish partnerships.

Download this webinar here. 

Data driven value propositions to approach Hospital Systems – Learn about some of the tools our members are using to create successful partnerships with Hospital Systems.

You can download this webinar and hear about the various tools Liberty Lutheran Services and Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries are using daily to form successful partnerships with Hospital Systems by creating data driven value propositions. This webinar hosted by LSA features members of our Care Management working group; Joan Myers Senior VP/Chief Operating Officer of Liberty Lutheran Services and Lauren Hartlaub, Director of Quality Assurance & Risk Management of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Services, as they both share the various data driven tools they use to approach Hospital Systems and how they implement those tools. 

Download this webinar here.

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The following senior services resources are available to LSA members only. Please contact Alesia Frerichs or 202.499.5823 for more information. If you already have a login click here.

How a Volunteer Companion Program Fits Into Partnerships with Healthcare Providers and Payers - Resource page with valuable information to learn and understand how to fit a volunteer companion program into your existing infrastructure and position it to secure partnershiips with healthcare providers and payers. 

Tools for a Data Driven Value Proposition to Approach Hospital Systems – A set of tools and resources shared within our Care Management Working Group that organizations can leverage to create data driven value propositions when approaching Hospital Systems. 

Advancing Towards Population Management, Building the Post-Acute Care Management Network – Presented by the Advisory Board at the 2016 LSA Annual Conference, this document explores how senior service providers are adapting care management and population health strategies and realizing new revenue streams and greater client satisfaction.

Post-Acute Care Future Trends/Needs/Opportunities – Commissioned by LSA, this analysis by Clifton Larson Allen, LLP provides an extensive overview of the changes and trends impacting post-acute care providers. 

LSA Post-Acute Care Member Survey Detail – This document summarizes the survey of the LSA Post-Acute Care providers. Includes network assessment of data collection and benchmarking capabilities, clinical pathways and protocols, new care models, costs, shared services and EHR utilization.

Survey Results Summary – These are the summary survey results presented at the Post-Acute Care Session at the LSA Annual Conference in San Antonio on April 2015. This document highlights the survey results and discussion of the top 4 opportunities identified in the survey. This provides a "quick read" of survey results and topics discussed at this convening.

Post-Acute Care Opportunity Assessment – Commissioned by LSA, this analysis by Clifton Larson Allen, LLP is related to the survey results and is a market scan of what others outside of the LSA network are doing in the 4 opportunity areas identified by survey respondents.