Finance Committee

The purpose of the LSA Finance Committee is: to provide assistance as requested by the President in the preparation of the budget, be responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding selecting and evaluation of an investment advisor, and oversee and make recommendations to the Board on training and continuing education to enhance the financial literacy of Board members

Finance Committee Members 2016-2017

MR. DAVID SWARTLING Of Counsel, Mills Meyers Swartling Attorneys
REV. MELODY EASTMAN, Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church
REV. DR. DONALD FONDOW, District President, Minnesota North District, LCMS
REV. KURT KUSSEROW, Bishop, Southwestern PA Synod, ELCA
MS. CHRISTIE HINRICHS, President & CEO, Tabitha

LSA Finance Committee Meeting Materials Materials for the August 17, 2016 Meeting:

Minutes from Last Finance Committee Meeting
Investment Policy Statement
Investment Summary Report
LSA Board of Directors -- Board Standing Policies

Education attachments:

Overview of revenue drivers