2016 Lutheran Leadership Summit Resources

Lutheran Leadership Summit
2016 Lutheran Leadership Summit
February 21-24, 2016
Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center
Carefree, AZ
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Senior Leader Case Study: Kari Olson, Front Porch

Leadership Balancing Act: Chris Card, Lutheran Services Florida

Leadership Balancing Act: Joan Myers, Liberty Lutheran

Senior Leader Case Study: Robin Dunbar Balck, Ecumen

The Ecumen Way 

Ecumen Leadership Brand Competencies

Senior Leader Case Study: Vickie Thompson-Sandy, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan


Center for Creative Leadership: Leadership Balancing Act 


Morning Devotion: Brian Becker, Wheat Ridge Ministries

Susan Heath Hayes - Switch Framework


Book ImageAttendees will receive a copy of the book "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" to read before the summit. Reading the book is not obligatory but it is recommended as Susan Heath Hayes will be referencing the book in her session: Sparking Broader Organizational Change

Book Delivery Dates

Attendees registered by Jan 1, 2016 will receive the book by Jan 22, 2016
Attendees registered by Jan 15, 2016 will receive the book by Feb 5, 2016
Attendees registered after Jan 15, 2016 will receive the book by Feb 17, 2016

For questions, please contact Kim Roque at kroque@lutheranservices.org.

About "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" By Chip & Dan Heath

Switch, the New York Times best-seller, asks the following question: Why is it so hard to make lasting changes in our companies, in our communities, and in our own lives? The primary obstacle, say the Heaths, is a conflict that's built into our brains. Psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systems—the rational mind and the emotional mind—that compete for control. The rational mind wants a great beach body; the emotional mind wants that Oreo cookie. The rational mind wants to change something at work; the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine. This tension can doom a change effort—but if it is overcome, change can come quickly.

In a compelling, story-driven narrative, the Heaths bring together decades of counterintuitive research in psychology, sociology, and other fields to shed new light on how we can effect transformative change. 


2015 Lutheran Leadership Summit CEO Testimonials

Ted Goins

Lutheran Services Carolinas

"Social ministry organizations are operating in an ever-changing environment, and we need to be able to develop and retain strong senior leaders to keep our organizations thriving by offering leadership development opportunities that speak directly to their leadership in social ministry.

By drawing on innovations, best practices, thought leadership, and expert speakers like Dr. Alice Cahill and Dr. Laura Quinn from the Center for Creative Leadership and Dr. David Lose from the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia, this conference will help our senior leaders not only be better prepared to lead during times of great change, but to better understand the richness of leadership in a Lutheran context.  

LSA senior leaders will also share their stories of innovation and transformation to encourage and inspire participants to spark change at your organization.I have committed to sending at least one member of our organization’s senior leadership teams to the Summit to build long-term relationships with peers and colleagues in Lutheran social ministry, people they can work with and rely on long after the Summit concludes, in a network defined by trusted sharing and shared values."

2015 Lutheran Leadership Summit CEO Testimonials

Angela Bovill

Angela Bovill

President and CEO
Ascentria Care Alliance

"Empowering our executive team with the knowledge and tools to lead through change while honoring our Christian faith, mission and values, is critical as our organization moves forward in a new direction. Serving on the Lutheran Leadership Summit Advisory Committee provided an opportunity to help shape the Summit and enhance its relevance by addressing the unique challenges we all face in today's rapidly changing nonprofit environment. Sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices will elevate the performance of our leaders and our organizations, and ultimately will benefit those we are called to serve. I'm sending a team and I encourage my colleagues to do the same."

Ted Goins

Lutheran Services Carolinas

"Lutheran social ministry organizations are operating in an ever-changing environment, and we need to be able to develop strong senior leaders to keep our organizations thriving. The LSA Lutheran Leadership Summit is designed to do just that – by drawing on innovations, best practices, thought leadership, strategies and rich resources presented by insightful speakers and leaders, this conference will help our senior leaders not only be better prepared to lead during times of great change, but to understand leadership in a Lutheran context.

I've been honored to serve on the Advisory Committee for this event, and see the evolution from the Leadership Academy to the Lutheran Leadership Summit. Rooted in the needs of C-Suite and senior leaders within the LSA network, the program content will bring real value back to the organizations of those participating. One of the aspects we felt was very important for this conference was to create a network of peers. Also, to ensure that the Summit draws on real-world case studies and examples from the business and nonprofit world, as well as from within the LSA network.

It is my goal to have a Lutheran Services Carolinas' leader at every Summit to build long-term relationships with peers and colleagues in Lutheran social ministry – people they can work with and rely on long after the Summit concludes, in a network defined by trusted sharing and shared values. I encourage you to do the same."

2015 Lutheran Leadership Summit Reviews

Rev. Kathie Bender Schwich, MDiv,CHM

Senior Vice President, Mission and Spiritual Care
NYU Lutheran

"As senior leaders of social ministry organizations, we know the challenge of finding time to connect, recharge, and reframe our thinking.  That’s why I particularly value LSA’s annual Leadership Summit. If you are looking for an opportunity for intellectual renewal and peer connections, the Summit offers a rare opportunity to gather in an intimate, faith-driven setting and share the promising practices that are working in our organizations—and discuss the challenges that only other senior leaders of social ministries can easily understand.  I brought back new ways to think about making tough business decisions, informed by both the knowledgeable facilitators and especially my peers, and framed within our faith based context.  The Leadership Summit is not a training program, but instead provides an opportunity to engage in thoughtful and inspirational off-the-record conversations on the issues keeping you awake at night."

Kirby Nickerson

Chief Financial Officer
Lutheran Services Carolinas

"The LSA Leadership Summit was both innovative and informative, creating a blend of peer presentations and outside professional insights that made the time useful and rewarding.  Keeping the attendee list small allowed for lively discussion and networking.  Amidst the sea of conventions and seminars that are thrown at you during the year, the Leadership Summit should make your short list."

Don Stiger

Senior Vice President, Mission and Spiritual Care
NYU Lutheran

"The Leadership Summit was superb.  Excellent presenters, format, and opportunities to connect with other social ministry partners. Following the first discussion session at my table, I realized just how much I was in need of replenishment and reconnecting with peers and partners in mission….how important it is to be fed with new information, as well as support and challenge. Seldom have I returned from a conference with so many pages of notes - capturing invaluable insights from presenters and participants – and with material I can directly integrate into healthcare ministry and faith/health work in this community.  The conference also had a great ‘rhythm’ to it in terms of presentations, group discussion, and free time."

Rich Gitlen

Executive Director LCFS
Liberty Lutheran

"This was a great opportunity to connect with senior leadership throughout the LSA network.  Connecting with colleagues from across the country gave me the opportunity to hear about the challenges we are all experiencing and the ways they are being addressed.  The environment lent itself to open and honest discussion about the work we do and how we could best accomplish our goals.

The Keynote presentations were spot on with opportunity to explore topic areas in greater detail throughout the day. These sessions provided a framework for individual case studies. Each speaker was incredibly informed about their topic area and clearly experts in their field. I was especially challenged by Dr. Johnson’s discussion regarding the changing demographics in America and the various points made by John Nunes about the growth of the Lutheran community in Africa. I found this intriguing as it spoke to the changing populations we will be serving and the change in the complexion of the Church.

We are fortunate to belong to LSA as their ability to bring together affinity groups like this enhances the work we do here at LLS."

Jennifer Ollikainen

Executive Director, Lutheran Congregational Services
Liberty Lutheran

"The LSA Leadership Summit was a valuable time of learning and connecting with colleagues throughout the country. The presenters challenged us to examine our business practice in this ever-changing landscape from funding sources to church relationships. The most valuable take-aways for me were the contacts and conversations with colleagues from other organizations who live and work with the same joys and challenges I do - those concerning congregational and faith-based relationships. I come away with a sense of hope and creativity, seeing opportunity in the changes at hand and striving toward creating nimble processes which can effectively shift and change programs in an ever-transforming reality of service with those who are the most vulnerable in our midst."

Patty Cline

Director of Planned and Major Gifts
Liberty Lutheran

"The networking was especially great and meeting people who are in the same line of business under the Lutheran umbrella. I’m grateful to learn more about LSA’s role and how their advocacy supports those of us in the trenches. I found all the presentations fascinating and pertinent to the work that we do at Liberty Lutheran. The case studies of real events/actions/practices from colleagues at other LSA organizations was helpful in that we can learn from their experiences. The presenters were forthcoming in not only presenting what went right, but also where they encountered challenges and what they would have changed."

2014 Leadership Academy Reviews

Charles Hiatt

Executive Director
Good Samaritan Foundation

"Over the years I have attended many professional conferences. Usually, I find some really great sessions and some that are less than expected. At the end of the LSA Leadership Academy I found every session had meaningfully engaged the topic of leadership development and personal and professional growth. The staff and facilitators are gifted, passionate and overtly faith-oriented. The highlight of the week was meeting and engaging deeply with many excellent Lutheran leaders. The social ministry of the Lutheran church is in the good hands of leaders who are passionately committed to their call of serving the last, the lost and the least. The focus of the LSA Leadership Academy propels that passion forward in a strategic and powerful way."

Becky Miller Updike

Vice President Child & Family Services
Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

"The LSA Leadership Academy far exceeded my expectations. The Academy challenges participants to learn about themselves as leaders while also learning how to lead others to maximize the potential of the team. Through a mix of presentations and engagement activities, participants gain a tool box of new approaches to effective leadership and organizational advancement. The Academy was refreshing, inspiring, and impactful. I highly recommend it to emerging and seasoned leaders."

James Greer

Northeast Regional Director
Bethesda Lutheran Communities

"As a 2014 attendee of the LSA Leadership Academy, I was skeptical that this would be similar to many of the Leadership conferences I had attended in the past. I was more than surprised to be proven completely wrong. The Leadership Academy opened my eyes to the type of leader I am and the type of leader I want to continue to aspire to be. Attending the academy and meeting the other impressive leaders from other organizations was not only impactful for my personal growth buy very impactful for my professional growth. This learning experience is one that will continue to be embedded in my mind for years to come. I would recommend the LSA Leadership Academy to all leaders regardless of the industry they are in."