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Stronger Together

Lutheran Services in America, Inc. is one of the largest health and human services networks in the country serving 1 in 50 Americans each year. Lutheran Services in America has 300 members throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The Lutheran Services in America network is ranked at #23 on the Philanthropy 400, an annual listing of top charitable groups, and has combined revenue of $21 billion.

Lutheran Services in America’s vision is a network of connected, strong and thriving Lutheran social ministries that transform the lives of people and communities. What is unique about the network is the deep trust and sharing that come from a shared heritage and  set of values and the fact that members, founded geographically across the country do not compete with each other. This provides a unique trusted environment for members to openly learn together, replicate programs, advocate together, and take joint action. Lutheran Services in America members come together to achieve more collectively than they can as individual organizations.  

Value Proposition

We share a calling and a commitment to the people we walk alongside that come from our shared heritage, common mission and mutual values. Unlike trade associations where your peers might also be your competitors, Lutheran Services in America members work from a shared sense of mission and trust in a non-competitive manner. As the only nationwide network of Lutheran health and social services organizations, Lutheran Services in America is the place where you can find your people, be inspired by new ideas and strategies, connect with a faith-based community and feel stronger and more secure in the company of those who share your ideals.  To read the full Value Proposition, click here.  

Below are some of the key ways in which the Lutheran Services in America network comes together:

Professional Development

Lutheran Services in America CEO Summit: Each year, Lutheran Services in America’s signature event for chief executives brings together the CEOs of leading Lutheran social ministry organizations from around the country for a highly engaging three-day conference. In addition to prominent external thought leaders, member CEOs share their real-life experiences and network in a trusted environment of faith and mission. Click here for more information.

Webinars: Several virtual learning opportunities are offered throughout the year for members by peers and subject experts focused on important operational and policy issues. Members can access recordings of previous webinars and see a calendar of future webinars here.    

Professional Networks: Lutheran Services in America helps to facilitate conversation between Lutheran social ministry staff and executives by supporting various professional networks based on-functional responsibilities within their organizations such as the Lutheran Information Technology Network (LITN), Lutheran Financial Managers Association (LFMA) and Lutheran Executive Alumni Network (LEAN).

Continuing Education Units: Lutheran Services in America offers the opportunity for member conference attendees to receive CEUs at conferences for free or at a substantial discount.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are a network of member organizations that share not only our Lutheran heritage but provide similar services. The communities of practice allow these members to come together in a trusted community of peers to share resources and innovations to facilitate business opportunities and transform the lives and communities of the people we serve. Lutheran Services in America member organizations are invited to join these active communities of practice.

Children, Youth and Families Network comes together to learn from and with each other to transform the well-being of youth and families that are made vulnerable in our society by improving current practices, identifying innovative strategies that improve equitable outcomes and advocating for informed policy decisions. Click here to learn more.

Disability Network works together to advocate so that persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live a life of their choosing with greater independence and financial security, with the services and supports they need to lead an abundant life. DN works together to advocate for person-centered support and improvements to long-term services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Click here to learn more.

Senior Services Network focuses its work on helping older adults age with dignity and respect in the community or setting of their choice. Our national network consists of over 200 organizations who provide a broad array of services for older adults in home and community-based settings as well as residential care. We are one of the largest non-profit networks of residential care providers in the U.S., with our members offering affordable housing, independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. Leveraging this deep nationwide footprint in senior services, we lead several collaborative projects to test and evaluate models of service that enable older adults to age in their homes and communities with dignity and maximum quality of life. To learn more about our collaboratives, resources, and the power of our national network of senior service providers, please click here.

Partnership Discounts

Lutheran Services in America has established preferred business relationships with several businesses and organizations that provide products and solutions to nonprofit organizations. These relationships provide significant discounts for the benefit of all of Lutheran Services in Americas members. Learn more about all of Lutheran Services in Americas preferred business partnerships and how they can save your organizations money here.


Lutheran Services in America serves as the Washington office for our nationwide network of Lutheran social ministry organizations. Lutheran Services in America’s headquarters is located steps away from decision-makers in Congress and the White House so that its faith-based voice is heard on a variety of important issues such as health care, older adults, people with disabilities, immigration and refugee services, and federal budget issues. Lutheran Services in America members have access to:  

  • Dedicated advocacy staff focused on issues important to Lutheran social ministry.
  • Hill Visits where Lutheran Services in America staff advocate for the interest of its members.
  • Action alerts to share your opinions with Congress.
  • "Hot Topics in Federal Policy” recurring discussion calls with guest speakers, the advocacy team, and fellow members about the current issues in federal policy and what they mean for you.
  • An interactive national member map along with fact sheets for every state which can be used by our members to demonstrate the strength of our network. 


 Lutheran Services in America offers a safe, trusted environment for social ministry professionals to congregate under the Lutheran identity to grow from each other's experiences and bridge relationships with fellow members. Join your peers at LSA for exclusive networking events throughout the year.


Job Listings: Lutheran Services in America posts job listings at member organizations in a montly e-newsletter. The Personnel Bulletin, and on its website. To subscribe or learn how to post a job opportunity click here.

Webinars: Several virtual learning opportunities are offered throughout the year for members by peers and subject experts focused on important operational and policy issues. Click here to learn more.

Funding Alerts: Lutheran Services in America curates a list of potential funding opportunities that may be of interest to member organizations. Members can gain access to the list by emailing

Joint Funding Opportunities: Lutheran Services in America works with members to identify and apply for national grants that would benefit multiple members in a region or serving similiar populations.

Membership Directory: Lutheran Services in America provides a membership directory so other members can find members in their geographic areas or that have similar services to make networking easier. Click here for access to the directory.

Service Directory: Lutheran Services in America provides a service directory of all member organizations for people to look up services offered near them as well as for other member organizations to find organizations with similar missions and services. Click here for access to the directory.

Newsletters and member-only publications: Lutheran Services in America membership gives members access to information through periodic electronic newsletters such as LSA Together, The Cataylst, Caring Connections, Personnel Bulletin, CEO newsletter (contact Lutheran Services in America to subscribe) and LSA Disability network newsletter (contact Lutheran Services in America to subscribe). Click here to subscribe and click on each newsletter for its archives.

Research and Publications: Lutheran Services in America offers resources on Executive Leadership and Lutheran identity. Click here for more information on these resources.

For more information, contact Alesia Frerichs at or at 202.499.5823.