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LSA-DN Update

Congress postpones the debt ceiling fight to focus on finalizing the “human infrastructure” package, SSDI beneficiaries to receive 5.9% increase in monthly benefits, and thousands of California residents will have no power, leaving older adults and people with disabilities particularly at risk.

LSA-DN Update

People with disabilities face more barriers accessing COVID-19 vaccine, the California vaccine mandate extends to aides for people with disabilities, and creating opportunities for people with disabilities in STEM careers.

LSA-DN Update

The CDC launches COVID-19 resources for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, disabled workers file federal lawsuit against Wisconsin over denial of unemployment benefits, and a study shows school policing falls hardest on Black students and those with disabilities.

LSA-DN Update

The Senate passes a traditional infrastructure bill and budget resolution, the FDA OKs a third COVID-19 vaccine dose for immunocompromised people, and why it makes good business sense to hire people with disabilities.

LSA-DN Weekly Update

Democrats are 'not particularly pleased' with the Senate infrastructure deal, Missouri Supreme Court reverses Medicaid expansion decision, and advocates push to extend services for students who aged out of special education during the pandemic.


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