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Wheat Ridge Ministries Awards $13,800 in Joshua Grants

LSA member Wheat Ridge Ministries recently awarded three Joshua Grants totaling $13,800. Joshua Grants are one year, matching grants of $1,000-$5,000 to Lutheran congregations, organizations and agencies committed to launching new ministries of health and hope in their community. The congregation or organization requesting funding must contribute matching funds equal to 50% of the Wheat Ridge grant award.

Lutheran Services of Georgia Helps New Americans With Mobility

Through a new partnership between Lutheran Services of Georgia and the Savannah Bicycle Campaign, newly arrived refugees are able to receive refurbished bicycles. This new mobility helps them with their commutes to work, being able to get around their new neighborhoods, and provides safe and affordable transportation to get to school and doctor’s appointments.

Christie Henrichs Talks About "Blank Page" for Aging in America

Disrupting the idea of a "one size fits all" approach to caring for people as they age, Christie Henrichs recently presented a "TED Talk" at the TEDx Lincoln conference. In her presentation, Christie challenges the current "one size fits all" health care system and proposes instead "the blank page" that views each person as human being and allows freedom of choices based on an individual’s personal desires and circumstances.

LSS of South Dakota Testifies Before Senate Committee on Consumer Financial Protections

A representative from LSA's member Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, Sheri Ekdom, testified at a hearing before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on Sept 18, 2014, on the topic of consumer financial services protection. Sarah Meek, the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for LSA's Disability Network (LSA-DN) also attended the hearing and provided us with photos.


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