Meet our Members

  • May 20, 2015

    The LSA Disability Network in Action

    Members Come Together to Share Best Practices & Learn from One Another on the Topic of Transitioning to Community Living

    In May, leaders from LSA Disability Network member Cedar Lake traveled from Louisville, KY to Watertown, WI to meet with leadership and program staff of fellow LSA Disability Network member Bethesda Lutheran Communities. Cedar Lake was eager to learn more about Bethesda’s successful transition to community living for all of the long-term residents of their historic, campus-based Intermediate Care Facility (ICF).

  • May 20, 2015

    Save the Date for LSA Disability Network Self-Advocate Training in October

    Speak Up! Self-Advocate Training Oct. 6-7 in Washington, D.C.

    The LSA Disability Network (LSA-DN) will host its second advocacy training event, "Speak Up! Self-Advocate Training" in October at the LSA office on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

  • May 19, 2015

    LSA Celebrates Foster Care Month

    With over 100 LSA members serving children, youth and families in 33 states across the U.S., the LSA network has a nationwide footprint in child welfare. LSA members provide a broad range of services from foster care and adoption to counseling, housing, health care, mental health care, early childhood education, charter schools, alternatives to detention, Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) foster care programs, and programs for youth aging out of foster care.

  • May 15, 2015

    LSA to Host CYF Working Group with the Center for the Study of Social Policy

    With more than 100 LSA members serving children, youth and families in 33 states across the country, the LSA network has a dominant national child welfare presence. The Children, Youth and Families Community of Practice comes together to learn from and with each other to transform the well-being of vulnerable youth and their families by continuing to improve current care practices, develop new and innovative solutions and encourage practitioner informed policy decisions. At the 2015 LSA...

  • May 14, 2015

    Lutheran Services in America Launches LSA Disaster Network to Increase Capacity to Help Local Communities When Disasters Strike

    Lutheran Services in America (LSA) has announced the establishment of the LSA Disaster Network to build partnerships and obtain additional resources for Lutheran social ministry organizations active in disaster services. The LSA Disaster Network will leverage the experience, expertise, and national footprint of LSA member organizations to increase members’ ability to help local communities prepare, respond and recover from declared and undeclared disasters. LSA organizations are actively...