Volunteer Leadership Network

What is the LSA Volunteer Leadership Network?

The Heart of Volunteerism artwork The LSA Volunteer Leadership Network (LSA-VLN) is a peer membership network of volunteer leaders from LSA member organizations, congregations and other Lutheran entities.

The network's mission is to connect and engage Lutheran volunteer leaders for the purpose of shared learning, cross-fertilization of successful practices and advancement of robust volunteerism within the Lutheran system. 

Network Membership

Membership is open to individuals who lead, coordinate or oversee the work of volunteers or who develop or oversee the development of volunteer programs.

  • Members' volunteer leadership roles may be full- or part-time, paid or unpaid.
  • Members may hold a formal title such as volunteer coordinator, manager or director or may not hold a formal title related to volunteerism.
  • The network also welcomes organizational leaders, board leaders and others whose passion includes the advancement of volunteerism and volunteer leadership within the organization or congregation
  • While the network primarily serves volunteer leaders from LSA member organziations, congregations and other Lutheran entities, it is open to leaders from external organizations, when approved by LSA staff.
What the LSA Volunteer Leadership Network Does
  • The network convenes members through an annual volunteer leadership academy and other in-person conferences and meetings, teleconferences/webinars, and through website and social networking opportunities
  • The network is member-driven in its focus. Common areas of focus include: Collegial query, e.g. "How do you handle x issue," "Have you ever used x strategy or tool," There's a lot of talk these days about engaged skilled seniors but we haven't had much success at it. Any ideas?" or "Do you know of anything I could read about..."
  • Sharing tools and resources
  • Pointing one another to experts, new literature, research findings
  • Planning LSA sponsored conferences, teleconferences and webinars related to volunteer leadership

There is no membership fee for charter members of the new network. To join, contact LSA , or call LSA at 202-499-5836.