"Can" Do Attitude Launches Eye-Catching Fundraiser at Local Mall

Monday, February 2, 2015

A local group of students kicked off the "We-CAN-Du" fundraiser in Duluth, Minnesota to help end youth homelessness in the area in a unique way – by building three structures out of 10,000 cans of beans and displaying them at the Miller Hill Mall shopping center.

The structures on display include a model of the proposed "Center for Changing Lives", a train and a sofa, to represent the 'couch surfing' that many homeless youth turn to after leaving home. 

The fundraiser ran through Feb. 5 and was intended to raise awareness and funds to build the Center for Changing Lives, a new facility designed to address youth homelessness. Said Bob Sherman of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, "We've decided from here on that we’re not going to allow any more homeless youth in our community."

Watch the video here: http://www.fox21online.com/news/local-news/cans-being-used-to-end-youth-homelessness/31030788