Disaster Relief: Hurricane Maria, Irma and Harvey

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Help Families Affected by Maria, Irma and Harvey

Over the course of the last month hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey had devastating impacts from Texas to the Caribbean. Together these storms caused massive flooding, widespread power outages and devastating destruction to property. Thousands of families are now without food, shelter, clothing, fuel, electricity and medical assistance. 
For over 500 years Lutherans have come together in times like these to care for our neighbors. 
Here’s how you can help today:

Lutheran Services Florida Disaster Response brings immediate aid and ongoing assistance to help people rebuild their homes and their lives. In the short term, LSF ensures that communities aren’t abandoned following the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. In the long term, the organization helps in the recovery effort with our neighbors. Donate here to support Lutheran Services Florida.

Disaster Relief for Lutheran Services Florida staff Hurt by Hurricane Irma. All across Florida people are working to rebuild their homes and their lives. Hurricane Irma dealt a devastating blow to many areas of our state. And, Hurricane Irma dealt a devastating blow to many of our Lutheran Services Florida (LSF) employees. We have LSF employees who are in great need because they are still without power, water and easy access to food. These people are ready to get back to work serving our clients, many of whom are also in great need. Please click here to donate to our Staff Assistance campaign to help LSF employees who were directly hurt by Hurricane Irma.

U.S. Virgin Islands
> Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands provides immediate and long term relief to the Virgin Islands in times of major disasters. Response support is activated to coordinate relief throughout the Territory, including emergency shelter, counseling, food delivery and home reconstruction. Donate here to support Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands.

Puerto Rico
ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response Lutheran Disaster Response’s affiliates are collaborating with community leaders and government officials to respond. Please give now to support this response.

LCMS Disaster Response As federal agencies rush to establish emergency airlift and disaster relief infrastructure for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, LCMS World Relief and Human Care, through its LCMS Disaster Response team, is preparing to bring urgent relief and the hope of the Gospel to Puerto Ricans whose lives have been shaken by this most recent disaster. Click here to support this effort.

Lutheran Services of Georgia assists communities across the state when disaster strikes. The organization first focuses on addressing immediate and basic needs of the affected individuals by providing necessities like food, water and shelter. Once immediate needs are met, Lutheran Services of Georgia work with communities to help them rebuild. Donate here to support Lutheran Services of Georgia.

Texas and Louisiana
> Following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that has affected millions of Texans, Lutheran Services in America member Upbring is poised to help Texas families rebuild their lives. Upbring is attempting to raise $200,000 with 100 percent of the funds going directly to help families adversely affected by Harvey. Donate here to support Upbring

ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response provides ongoing assistance to those in need, including Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief – 100% of gifts for these disasters will be used until the response is complete. Make your gift here to support those affected by Harvey. Donate here to support Hurricane Irma relief. And here to support Hurricane Maria relief.

LCMS Disaster Response is leading relief efforts through the regions impacted by Hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma. A significant sustained relief effort is already underway in the disaster zone in Texas and relief efforts will begin in Florida as soon as teams are able to access affected areas. Donate here to support Hurricane Harvey relief. And donate here to support Hurricane Irma relief. And donate here to support disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

Other Ways to Help:
Pray for those who are affected or in need following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Volunteer with local food banks, animal shelters and foster care facilities

Partner with churches to send food, clothes, hygiene products, pet food, diapers and basic resources 

Share this information with your family, friends, churches and colleagues



On behalf of my parishioners, please tell me how they can apply for assistance. I have one parishioner who had no insurance, who lost her home, and who does not qualify for FEMMA. How would she be able to apply for assistance from Lutheran Disaster Relief?

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