Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Friday, September 16, 2016

President Obama named October National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In a letter, the ELCA notes that it is recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

"Domestic violence is one form of gender-based violence and includes not only violence toward intimates but also toward children, siblings and elders. It happens in every part of society, and it happens within congregations. 

"We are called to face the sin of gender-based violence and to act to end it. As Lutherans, we understand that God calls us to tend to the needs and wounds of the neighbor, whether that neighbor is near or far. 

"Join others across the nation to speak and act to make a difference this October. 

"Within the ELCA, there are resources to help you, your congregation, school, organization and community to learn, to act and to be inspired.

"Last year, the ELCA Church Council approved the social message "Gender-based Violence" and its accompanying foundational documentation. Read these at You'll also find suggestions for study and action.

"You can see Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton's call to the ELCA to spread awareness about gender-based violence and the need to prevent it at This video is great for spreading the word in your community and can be used at the beginning of a conversation you might have with others. 

"Speak and act to serve your neighbor, whether right next to you or far away." 

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