House Coronavirus Relief Package


EMERGENCY HELP NEEDED to support health and human services nonprofits in House Relief Package

At Lutheran Services in America we have been tracking Congressional action throughout the weekend on coronavirus emergency relief measures as part of our ongoing efforts to help protect our members’ business continuity. We ask that you read this important message and take action today using the steps we’ve provided below.

CONTEXT: Ongoing Senate discussions over the current emergency coronavirus relief package led by Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY-R) had stalled as of late Sunday night. Senators from both sides of the aisle say they will continue talks over what has now risen to a $1.6-$1.8 trillion package. This legislation contained a provision that would have made nonprofits with over 500 employees and those that receive Medicaid payments ineligible for zero- and low-interest loans, including senior living facilities, child welfare organizations, organizations serving people with disabilities, and many others. Lutheran Services in America came out strongly against this provision, and will continue to do so.

While Senate negotiations are expected to continue, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced after Senate talks broke down Sunday that the House will be introducing its own coronavirus relief package, text from which could be released as soon as today (Monday).

ACTION: Your participation is needed TODAY to urge House lawmakers to include language in their new House bill that nonprofits that receive Medicaid payments, including nonprofits over 500 employees, WILL be eligible for zero- and low-interest loans.

Ways You Can Take Action

  • Option 1: Write to your Representative through our advocacy tool where we provide suggested language.
  • Option 2: Contact your lawmakers by phone using the suggested talking points below. You can find your Representative and his/her phone number here. Suggested messaging you may wish to use during your call:
    • I’m calling about the House’s new coronavirus relief bill currently being written. My organization serves X# people and receives Y% of our funding from Medicaid. It’s vital that this legislation include my organization and other nonprofits that receive Medicaid payments as eligible for zero- and low-interest small business loans. Like many nonprofit health and human service organizations, we are on the front lines caring for Americans during the pandemic, and are in crisis mode. We are incurring additional expenses and our cash reserves and margins already are tight. The fact is we cannot retain our employees and provide our services that help so many vulnerable people in our state without this support. I urge you to include in the House bill nonprofits that receive Medicaid payments as eligible applicants for much-needed small-business loans. I also ask that you expressly include charitable nonprofits that employ over 500 employees in the bill, which the Senate package neglected to do. So many people in our state are relying on our organization, and we’re relying on you.
  • Option 3: Since lawmakers’ staff consistently monitor their social media pages, reaching out via their Twitter pages is also useful.
    • You can find your lawmaker's twitter handle here.
    • Suggested tweet:
      • [Insert your lawmaker’s Twitter handle here] New House #Coronavirus relief bill MUST make nonprofits who get Medicaid reimbursements eligible for financial relief: nonprofits like skilled nursing facilities + child welfare agencies are on frontlines of this fight + under severe financial stress.

Thank you for your efforts!

Need more information? Please contact Sarah Dobson, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, at or 202-499-5832 or Dania Douglas, Director of Policy and Advocacy, LSA-DN at or (202) 499-5831.