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Lenten Season Reminds us to Reflect, Renew, Recommit

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016
By: Charlotte Haberaecker, President & CEO

As we reflect on the season of Lent, I'm reminded of what a special time this is for the Christian world. I am grateful for this time for reflection, renewal and repentance as we prepare for the joyous arrival of Easter. But this can also be a time to think about how we can recommit ourselves. Recommit ourselves to our faith, to our families, and to the missions that fulfill us.

As a nationwide network of Lutheran social ministry organizations, we walk alongside our neighbors every day as we answer the call to live out our faith in service to others. I ask you to pray during this Lenten season for the people we serve – the homeless, refugees, people leaving prison, children in the foster care system, families in crisis, communities recovering from disaster, persons with disabilities, seniors without strong support systems – we pray that we can help them lead lives of dignity, independence and abundance.

I also ask that you pray for our leaders and the 250,000 people who work at our member organizations throughout the U.S. Pray that as they answer the call to care for their neighbor and to live as church in the world, that they can continually recommit to the hard work of lifting one another up in our in our social ministry community. Pray that we may all continue to feel the power of God's love and to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities.
The Lutheran Services in America network is blessed with your support that helps us answer our shared call to care for our neighbor and in turn to support our members as they lift up the lives of the vulnerable, serving 1 in 50 people annually, making communities stronger and helping more people to lead more abundant lives.

During this Lenten season and throughout the year, may we find the time to reflect on our calling, renew our resolve and recommit ourselves to the message of caring for those around us. Together, we are building the path and shining the light for a brighter tomorrow for millions of people across America.

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