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Friday, September 6, 2019


Why Iowa should invest in its human services workforce

Guest column by LSA-DN Member John Twardos, CEO of Lutheran Services in Iowa

Iowa must invest in its human services workforce.

At Lutheran Services in Iowa, we believe Iowa truly will be a better place when we invest in the people whom society often chooses not to hear — children in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, people with disabilities, people who have come to Iowa as refugees or immigrants, families struggling with mental illness or substance abuse..

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Webinar Series: Accreditation

Lutheran Services in America has begun a fall webinar series on accreditation featuring all three major accreditation organizations. The first webinar with the Council on Accreditation occurred on Tuesday, August 27. Calendar invitations to the next two are linked below. Click to add each webinar to your Outlook calendar.

If your organization is not currently accredited, or if you are interested in exploring your accreditation options, join us for this webinar series

Please contact Sheila Weber at or 202-499-5824 if you have any questions.

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At NCD's recommendation, all U.S. dental schools will train students to manage treatment of people with intellectual, developmental disabilities

As recommended by the National Council on Disability (NCD), all U.S. dental schools must now revamp their curricula and training programs to be inclusive of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) recently passed votes requiring dental schools to now train their students in managing treatment of patients with ID/DD. Previously, patients with ID/DD were largely unable to obtain dental care treatment because dental students were simply not required to learn to manage their treatment.

“Every dental patient in America deserves the same care, whether or not they have a disability,” said NCD Chairman Neil Romano. “NCD applauds this decision that we view as necessary for people with ID/DD to obtain critical access to dental treatment, which is critical to the total health of all people.” 

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In Lieu Of Guardianship, States Look To Supported Decision-Making

Until last year, Joshua Strong wasn’t in charge of his own life.

Like many other adults with autism, Strong was deemed incapacitated by a judge early in adulthood. Most of his decisions were turned over to a legal guardian — in his case, his father.

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Rochester Center for Disability Rights suing the state health department over funding cuts

The Center for Disability Rights in Rochester has filed a lawsuit against the State Health Department after $75 million worth of funding cuts to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Programs.

Tammy Papperman is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) Director at the Center for Disability Rights in Rochester. She works with more than 1,000 people in the Rochester Area who are with the CDPAP.

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Research & Reports

Autism Rate Rising Faster Among Some Children, Study Finds

New research suggests that the prevalence of autism is on the rise and it’s growing at a significantly faster clip among certain groups of kids.

Between 2007 and 2013, autism rates increased 73 percent among Hispanics and 44 percent among black children ages 3 to 5. At the same time, prevalence rose 25 percent for whites in that age bracket.

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Resources, Opinions & Opportunities

She got a full scholarship to Stanford. But can she afford the care she needs to go?

Sylvia Colt-Lacayo is 18, fresh-faced and hopeful as she beams confidence from her power wheelchair. Her long, dark hair is soft and carefully tended, and her wide brown eyes are bright. A degenerative neuromuscular disease, similar to muscular dystrophy, has left her with weak, underdeveloped muscles throughout her body, and her legs are unable to support any weight. Each time she needs to get in or out of her wheelchair — to leave bed in the morning, use the bathroom, take a shower, change clothes — she needs assistance.

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