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Friday, October 4, 2019


Lutheran Services in America Webinar Series: Accreditation

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Bill Aims To Boost Direct Support Workforce

Federal lawmakers are looking to address the nation’s shortage of in-home caregivers assisting people with developmental disabilities.

Legislation introduced this month is designed to help make the field of direct care work more attractive and lead to less turnover.

Those behind the bill known as the Direct CARE Opportunity Act, or H.R. 4397, point to estimates from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics suggesting that a million more direct care workers are needed by 2024 to join a field that has long been plagued by low wages and the demanding nature of the work.

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Every Philly polling place will soon be accessible to voters with physical disabilities and mobility issues

This November, for the first time, every polling place in Philadelphia will be accessible to voters with physical disabilities and mobility issues.

It’s an unexpected effect — call it collateral benefit — of the city’s purchasing new touchscreen voting machines that critics argue are expensive and less secure than alternatives. The new machines can’t be carried up stairs because of their size and weight.

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Research & Reports

NIH Funding For Down Syndrome Research Balloons

With millions of new dollars for research on Down syndrome, federal officials have effectively doubled their investment in understanding the chromosomal disorder in the last year alone.

The National Institutes of Health said it has committed to some $35 million in additional grants for the 2019 fiscal year, bringing the agency’s total spend on Down syndrome research to $77 million.

As of this time last year, NIH funding for Down syndrome stood at $36.8 million.

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Bioethics and Disabilities Series: Organ Transplant Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often denied equal access to organ transplants solely on the basis of their disability. These denials are frequently based on discriminatory assumptions that the lives of people with disabilities are of poorer quality than those of people without disabilities, and on misperceptions about the ability of people with disabilities to comply with postoperative care. Despite the existence of studies debunking those misconceptions and the harrowing experiences of people with disabilities and their families, there are few resources that provide a nationwide overview of the problem and offer practical recommendations to federal and state policymakers

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Resources, Opinions & Opportunities

Domino’s Wants to Slice Away at the Americans With Disabilities Act

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will decide whether to give Domino’s Pizza one last chance at its three-year fight for the right to discriminate against people who are blind and visually impaired. The pizza giant is asking the court to reexamine an appellate court decision requiring Domino’s to make its website accessible to people with disabilities. In the lawsuit at the center of the dispute, Guillermo Robles, who is blind, alleges that he was unable to order a pizza from the Domino’s website or mobile app because neither was accessible via screen readers, a type of software utilized by visually impaired people to browse the web and use other applications on computers and phones. Domino’s says that it has “no interest in discriminating against potential customers” with disabilities but claims that the Americans with Disabilities Act, the legal statute under which the lawsuit was filed, applies only to a physical “place” and therefore is inapplicable to websites.

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