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LSA Member Lutheran Services Iowa Releases Report on Donors & Advertising

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
By Deborah Hoesly, LSA Vice President of Development

Lutheran Services Iowa (LSI), a member of the LSA network, is releasing the results of a twelve-month study that tested the value of using a multi-channel advertising campaign in targeted geographic locations to attract new donors. Based on the assumption that increased exposure to advertising messages makes people more and more receptive to the advertising message, LSI launched a multi-channel advertising campaign designed to increase the reach of their philanthropic efforts. The results of the study clearly revealed that the advertising campaign introduced the significance of donating to LSI to thousands of Iowa residents in a targeted demographic, and the campaign motivated individuals in that category to find out more about LSI, and some to donate. 

LSI is pleased to share the lessons learned of the study with the LSA network - please click here to access the report.

Special thanks to The Thrivent Financial Foundation for generously funding the study through a matching grant. 

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