Mark Stutrud Discusses his Call to Serve, the UAC Crisis and LSA

LSA Member Spotlight
Monday, September 29, 2014

Mark StutrudMark Stutrud, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Michigan (LSSM), is embarking on a new journey beginning October 1, 2014 as he transitions to President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI). Both organizations are members of LSA.

During his decade of service, LSSM has grown its foundation from $3.5M to $13.5M and the organization has grown its annual budget from $73M to $109M. According to an article published by Hometown Life, "The growth is attributed to expansion in senior living services, the addition of continuing care units and affordable housing units and the acquisitions of home care, home health and therapies companies.” Today,  LSSM touches the lives of approximately 20,000 people every year throughout the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, said Stutrud, who will be relocating to Illinois in October.
When asked about his decision to move to LSSI, Stutrud stated, "As part of a big network like LSA, we must discern where each role leads and where God prefers we lead.

Stutrud also serves as the board chair for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) and has worked with them as they fine-tune their strategic mission to focus on how migrants and refugees are integrated into the American community. As the Unaccompanied Minors Crisis permeates the media, LIRS remains dedicated to their mission to provide support to children who are in need of a safe and loving environment during the immigration process. "Organizations that support these children don't write the policies," he says, "they just provide the care to the children."

Stutrud is an active member of the LSA Children, Youth and Family Work Group as well as the LSA Senior Services Network. He commented on his involvement in the groups, "Both have great meaning and support because nationally we're seeing the integration of Medicare and Medicaid for senior adults and a much more managed approach to care for greater permanence in child welfare." The networks are very timely as organizations begin to work on post-acute care and greater independence for seniors as homecare becomes a bigger focus. In addition, child welfare is changing to seek permanency and establish efforts that minimize the time a child is in transition. Stutrud will continue this work from Michigan to Illinois as he transitions to his new role since he views it as central to both organizations and, overall, as members of LSA.

"LSA has continued to grow in the sense of closer relationships between participating organizations," Stutrud said. "To quote Covey, 'Change happens at the speed of trust,' and this trust among members that grows and develops brings about change as we share expertise and innovation." He credits the LSA annual events with encouraging these interactions.

Thank you Mark Stutrud for your ongoing service and commitment to Lutheran social ministry and the LSA network!