Member Dues Statements Issued

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Annual dues statements for LSA member organizations are being mailed the week of June 8 and were issued via email on June 5 Dues should be paid by July 15, 2015. Timely submission of your dues commitment helps LSA continue to build a stronger, more connected and secure future for our network. Dues notices are addressed to the CEO or Executive Director of our member organizations.

At the Annual Meeting of the Membership held on April 22, 2015, LSA members approved a modest four percent increase to the dues, as well as a revised structure that consolidates several of the budget categories and creates a category for larger members. This is the first change to the dues in three years.

As always, LSA is focused on providing value to our members, and responding to what our members have told us is most important:

  • Leveraging our national network to provide funding and service opportunities for our members
  • Helping our members evolve and transform in a rapidly changing environment
  • Creating and maintaining close and trusted relationships among members
  • Advocating at the national level on our members' behalf and serving as the voice of Lutheran social ministry
  • Connecting our members in a trusted community of faith

Thank you to our members and supporters for their commitment to the national network of 300 Lutheran health and human services organizations across the country. Collectively, the LSA network touches millions of lives every year. We are honored to serve you and be the national voice for Lutheran Social Ministry.

If you have any questions about member dues, please contact


Could you please email or mail me another statement? We will get it processed promptly. I have misplaced the one that was sent early. Very sorry!


Hi Jeff - thank you for reaching out. We have processed a new invoice which you should receive shortly. Thanks much!

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