State Grant Opportunities (COVID-19)

The following grant opportunities may be available to faith-based and nonprofit organizations with COVID-19 expenses.

Alabama   8/14/2020
Alaska   8/6/2020
Arizona   N/A
California -  Placer County   9/7/2020
 California - Mendocino County   8/31/2020
California - Tulare County   8/16/2020
Florida - Highland County   OPEN
 Florida - Charlotte County   OPEN 
 Florida - Sarasota County   OPEN 
 Florida - Brevard County   OPEN
Georgia   8/28/2020
Idaho   8/31/2020
Iowa   8/14/2020
Maryland   OPEN
Michigan   8/7/2020
Minnesota   N/A
Mississippi   N/A
Missouri   8/14/2020
Montana    OPEN
Nevada   OPEN
New Mexico   8/7/2020
North Dakota   VARIES
Oregon   OPEN
Tennessee   8/15/2020
Vermont   OPEN
Virginia   N/A
Washington   VARIES
Wyoming   N/A