Strength & Service Series

Lutheran Services in America is taking full and active advantage of the virtual space to help our member organizations nationwide stay in the know on new and evolving practices and resources — curating a broad line up of topics and subject matter expertise. In June 2020, we launched our continuing virtual program, the Strength & Service Series. Strength & Service is an ongoing, interactive, virtual gathering of the best minds in our space, laser-focused on examining and tackling the unintended consequences and uncertainties in today’s climate — all with the goal of helping move your organization forward.

By drawing on the expertise of external influencers and our member organizations’ own vital lessons learned, we’re able to share tailored content and facilitate deeper connections to help meet your unique needs during this historic moment. The combination of our broad array of providers and central thought leaders in our space will make for truly symbiotic, interactive dialogue in a safe and trusting space — exactly when we all need it the most. We view these timely virtual convenings as critical to your organizations, to the many people you serve and to the future of Lutheran social ministry in America as a whole.

Upcoming Sessions

Oct. 20, 1–2 p.m. EDT: Becoming an Antiracist Organization

Hear from three peer leaders — Lutheran Social Services of New York’s Damyn Kelly, Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois’ Michael Bertrand, and NYU Langone’s Paulo Pina — as they continue to address their organizations’ role in systemic racism, explore efforts to engage community partners to dismantle racism, and discuss the importance of recognizing and naming the pain that racism causes. Register here.

Oct. 29, 1–2 p.m. EDT: Engagement Technology — What Happens When You Pair Technology and Creative Leadership

See how the pairing of technology and creative leadership can lead to successful outcomes and improve the quality of life for everyone involved. This webinar highlights innovative technologies and the evolving ways they can help keep residents and families connected in the virtual world. Register here.

Previous Sessions

July 1: Navigating Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness — What You Need to Know

This insightful webinar featuring Jack Rybicki, head of CliftonLarsonAllen’s COVID-19 Response Team and Managing Principal of Industry, was interactive and responded to questions about the Paycheck Protection Program and how to make informed decisions to maximize loan forgiveness. This session was designed for CEOs, CFOs and others responsible for the PPP program in your organization. A recording of this webinar is available. More details here.

July 23, 12–1 p.m. EDT: Impact of COVID-19 on Employer Health Care Costs

In 2021 employers like you could be facing increased medical costs of between 4% and a whopping 10% for employees, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Given this increasingly challenging climate, Jeff Thiemann, President & CEO of Portico Benefit Services, hosted a dynamic interactive session with experts from global advisory firm Willis Towers Watson who explored the challenging landscape of increasing dependent coverage, delayed elective surgeries and other key trends on short- and longer-term employer health care costs – all of which may greatly affect your bottom line. More details here.

July 28, 1–3 p.m. EDT: Workshop on the Path to Become More Racially Aware Leaders—Foundational Elements for the Journey

Professional diversity coach Marion Hodges Biglan led a workshop where participants learned and reflected on their connection to some foundational concepts about racism that will be essential on their journey to become more racially aware and impactful leaders. More details here.

Aug. 25, 1–2:30 p.m. EDT: Engaging in Allyship: A Needed, Authentic Relationship

By building meaningful two-way relationships imbued with empathy, allies offer and give each other support and commit to lean on and learn from each other. Allyship can strengthen and change the Lutheran Services in America network for the better across cultural lines. This interactive, 90-minute virtual session will be led by Corey Flournoy, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Groupon and founding partner of Creative Outreach Consulting in Chicago. Register here.

Sept. 1, 1–2 p.m. EDT: A Conversation About the Future of Our Not-for-Profit Senior Living & Care Sector

Ziegler, a long-time sponsor of Lutheran Services in America, will outline the key considerations for not-for-profit senior living providers to help balance the demands of the pandemic while staying focused on the big-picture/strategic direction of an organization. In addition, member CEOs David Trost of St. John’s United and Larry Bradshaw of National Lutheran Communities & Services will be present to respond to key discussion points as well as detail how their organizations are positioning for future, long-term viability in spite of COVID-19. Register here.