Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight: Pat Savage

“Love and serve your neighbor.” That was the theme growing up in the Werner household, but Pat Savage didn’t realize at first how that call would shape her life’s path. At the center of the Werner family was Pat’s mother— Margaret. Margaret was a passionate Lutheran who instilled the values of faith, family and service in her family.
She was an involved in the local congregation, organized fundraisers for the high school band and founded a local Campfire Girls troupe.

Donor Profile: Connecting with Fred Kraegel

For Fred Kraegel, service to others is second nature. Born in Tokyo, Japan, his family relocated to the United States and settled into the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC when he was a toddler. Fred was the oldest of five children born within seven years of one another. He credits his mother for instilling values of compassion and consideration for those less fortunate. With her roots as a pastor’s child raised in a church parsonage, Fred’s mother encouraged her children to give back during their youth. With frequent trips into Washington, Fred began his service by supporting communities in his own backyard. “Growing up in Washington, DC, we were encouraged to act accordingly; to give to others and support those in need, to give clothes and food,” Fred reminisced. Fred, a 40-plus year veteran of the business world has carried this spirit of service throughout his career and continues to support organizations and individuals alike, through his vocation and avocation today.

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